Getting Started

1. Candidate

Financially qualified people who've expressed a sincere and consistent interest in our restaurant with a reasonable timeframe to develop a target market, who have had at least one call with our team and submitted their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) receipt are considered Shuckin' Shack franchise Candidates.

2. Applicant

Once mutual interest in a market and a possible franchise partnership is established, Candidates must complete the BoeFly financial pre-qualification (bQual) assessment and provide written approval for a simple background check. With satisfactory approval of financials and the background check, Candidates elevate to Applicant status and will be invited to attend an upcoming Discovery Day event in North Carolina to meet the Shuckin' Shack support team face-to-face and experience at least two different Shuckin' Shack restaurants.

3. Prospect

During our private Discovery Day event, interview questions will be exchanged as we attempt to identify ideal franchise partners for markets among active Applicants. Once approved by our support team, an Applicant will receive written notification about their approval at becoming a Prospect for a given market. Prospects will have a specified timeframe to accept their Prospect status, which concludes with a Prospect becoming a Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar franchisee by signing our franchise agreement and paying the one-time franchise fee.

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*The Franchise Disclosure Document is a legal document that is only sent to Candidates who schedule and complete a preliminary interview call with the Shuckin' Shack executive team.