Training & Support


Before opening your own Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar, you will be able to step into a virtual Shack with our online Franchise Portal. The success of our training relies on your desire to become a successful restaurant owner. Whether you have decades of experience in Food and Beverage or have minimal business ownership experience, our in-person Shuckin’ Shack University (Shuck U) can prepare you for opening your own Shack – and our support systems go from Shuck U through the daily operations of your location.

Five Phases of Shuck U

1. Introduction to Shuckin' Shack

A minimum of 24 hours focused on build-out, vendor relations and preliminary marketing & brand expectation to ensure local success. This phase is held in Carolina Beach, NC and takes place within 60 days of signing the Franchise Disclosure Document.

2. Distance Education

At least 40 hours dedicated how to handle Human Resources, best accounting & finances practices, record keeping and sales objectives with our corporate offices; along with introduction to operations training. This phase is held via our online portal and weekly conference calls to ensure that you are on the right track to becoming a Shack operator!

3. Shuck U @ SSHQ

A minimum of 40 hours within our functioning restaurants dedicated to Front of House (FOH) and Back of House (BOH) operations along with a heavy emphasis on Customer Service expectations and requirements. This phase of Shuck U is really where "the rubber meets the road." This phase is held at our corporate offices in Carolina Beach, NC and at our restaurants in the region.

4. On-site Training Live Support

At least 40 hours within your location where we get hands-on with our Point-of-Sale system, managing inventory and managing FOH/BOH operations. This phase is held at your restaurant, along with your staff!

5. Continuing Education

All Shuckin' Shack franchisees are expected to maintain Continuing Education hours as provided at locations to be determined. Subjects are likely to include improving Operations, Media & Public Relations, Staff Management and Management Technologies.

Five Areas of Our Online Portal


Pre-Opening module includes resources such as Start-Up Manuals, Menu & Drink References, Seafood Knowledge, Equipment & Approved Vendor Sources, Audit & Site Readiness forms.


Branding module includes social media library of photos, videos and content schedules, along with resources for branded merchandise to be sold and for supplying to staff.


Operations goes beyond just the "Operations Manual" to also provide financial tools, pricing tools, staffing tools and much more.


Marketing modules are established for EACH location and will include quarterly media schedules with special promotions and suggested menu features. Also includes library of soft opening and grand opening assets to ensure local success.


Training module is a vast collection of study guides, tests and videos that can be used by franchisees as well as staff to learn every aspect of FOH & BOH operations from the right way to make our Shack Attack Bloody Mary to a how-to on plating Hushpuppies.