Preparing for a Shuckin' Shack Franchise Discovery Day

Over the past few decades, most legitimate franchise companies have implemented “Discovery Days” as part of their development process, to award franchise opportunities to the most ideal candidates. These private events are an ideal time to ask tough questions, learn more about the franchise and meet the people who will help you launch and sustain your business for years to come. While Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar only began offering franchises in 2014, we implemented a Discovery Day schedule the following year, and it has become a mandatory step in our path to becoming a Shuckin’ Shack franchisee.

So, when you’ve submitted your application and have been pre-qualified for business financing through our loan vendor or your own bank, how do you prepare after you’ve been invited to our offices in Wilmington for an upcoming Discovery Day? Here are a few helpful hints from those who have come to “D-Day” before:

  1. Turn Our “Day” into Your Weekend: Wilmington is a beautiful, historic city that sits right between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic ocean. There are amazing sites to see, parks and beaches to explore, and a seemingly endless list of brew pubs and restaurants - beyond several Shuckin’ Shacks of course! We suggest arriving on Thursday night and enjoying dinner at our flagship restaurant in Downtown Wilmington. Spend Friday with us and then take Friday night and all day Saturday to explore the rest of our great area before returning home on Sunday.

  2. Bring Your Entire Team: We are proud of the Discovery Day experience we’ve created for our most proactive franchisee prospects - there is a LOT to it. So much so that it’s difficult to summarize for others when they ask “how did it go?”. We encourage D-Day invitees to bring all partners with a vested interest in this new business - up to five people. It’s critical that everyone comes away with a full understanding of who will be involved with all aspects of your new business.

  3. Research and Come Prepared to Ask Questions: Before you arrive, review all the resources and documents you’ve been sent. Write down your most important questions and take notes over the course of the Discovery Day. You’ll hear from several people with different areas of expertise, so you WILL get your questions answered by one of our team members.

Keep in mind that being awarded a Shuckin’ Shack franchise is just the start of our long partnership together. Our team uses the Discovery Day events to determine the dynamics of a working relationship and how it might play out in the years to come. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself; your past business experience, your community involvement and your leadership style to help us asses the likelihood of a strong future partnership.

As we prepare for our 2019 Discovery Day schedule, we look forward to talking about one of our primary target markets in Greenville, NC! If the New Year will bring new opportunities for you and your family, please visit our Greenville opportunities page to learn more about bringing “The Shack” to the thousands of sports fans and seafood lovers who call Pitt County home!