All I Want for Christmas is My Very Own Business!

It shows up every year on wish lists for the vast majority American adults. One week later, it even makes the Top 10 list for their New Year’s resolutions as well! When it comes to establishing income, wealth and security for your family, nothing really beats the appeal of business ownership.

Independent Start-Up or Franchise Business?

While independent business ownership is a path many entrepreneurial adults take, over 10,000 adults each year take greater comfort in investing their hard-earned money into a franchise business opportunity. Each week we talk with people who have little experience within the hospitality industry but are seriously considering starting a restaurant or pub on their own. Instead, they could quickly benefit from established training systems, lucrative vendor discounts and an appealing brand name with a positive reputation across multiple states. Some prospects for Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar have second thoughts about going it alone when we explain that their one-time franchise fee is frequently recouped in their very first year of business just from food savings, thanks to the significant vendor discounts provided to our group of 14 operating restaurants!

Another critical aspect of business ownership people tend to forget is the resale value of a franchise versus an existing independent business. It may be 10 or 20 years down the road, but existing franchise businesses tend to fetch a higher resale price - about 30% greater - because training, support, marketing, technology and vendor relations are well established and proven repeatedly across a greater number of locations. Further, the idea of an entire team of experts supporting a brand new business owner is also likely much more appealing than a working with a former owner who may have checked out of the business or retired, and may not be supportive of new ideas or improvements to their old business.

Welcome to 2019

As we prepare our franchise team for 2019 and the many new franchisees we will partner with in the new year, we also must thank the thousands of customers across the Southeast that have made “The Shack” their favorite neighborhood place to go for fresh seafood, cold drinks and “A Good Shuckin’ Time” since 2007! Please watch the one minute video below for a brief introduction to our restaurant franchise opportunities.

Who will help bring “The Shack” to Columbus?

One of our expansion goals for 2019 is to establish new locations in the Midwest, including cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, KY. If you have experience with multi-unit franchising or managing multiple restaurants and are seeking new opportunities for 2019, be sure to contact our team using the link above!